Bishop Terry McLeod

Bishop Terry McLeod is the Senior Associate Pastor of Inspirational Church of God In Christ Jesus, Inc.  He is the brother of the Pastor and Archbishop Dr. Donniel McLeod II.   A teacher, preacher and mentor, Pastor McLeod has been a part of this organization since the beginning of its existence.  He has served under the late Archbishop Dr. Donnie McLeod Sr. and First Lady Eldress Blanche McLeod supporting the ministry in teaching, music and song. 

Pastor McLeod studied as a business major in college for his B.A.  He has taught bible studies and Sunday schools.  Since he was a child, he has been with the Pastor and have gone to hospitals, senior citizen homes, and stayed close to the late Archbishop as an aid to minister to God’s children.   His job is still the same to the Archbishop today.  His concern is to do his part to minister to the people.  His job is to aid the Archbishop as his Direct Assistant and support the ministry in anyway needed.   Pastor Terry McLeod is married to the lovely Evangelist Ellie McLeod and they have 2 beautiful daughters.


Bishop Thimothy McLeod  

Bishop Thimothy McLeod is the Associate Pastor of the Inspirational Church of GOD in Christ JESUS, Inc.  His passion and love for God started at a young age as his parents and founders of Inspirational Church of GOD In Christ Jesus Inc., the late Arch Bishop, Dr. Donnie McLeod, Sr. and late First Lady Eldress Blanche McLeod taught him about Jesus Christ, the love that God has for his children, and how he should love and serve God with all his heart.

 As a member of the Inspirational Church of GOD in Christ JESUS, Inc., Thimothy currently serves under Archbishop Donniel McLeod, II.  Bishop Thimothy has served the ministry in many ways.  In the past he was a personal assistant to the late Archbishop, Dr. Donnie McLeod Sr., choir member, and musician.  He currently supports the ministry in singing, preaching and teaching the Word of God. 

Thimothy has helped the community by sharing the love of God and servicing the needs of the people. He has provided meals to the homeless, and volunteered at food banks to help distribute perishable foods to families that are in need.  Thimothy also volunteered at nursing homes by uplifting the spirits of the people through songs and ministry, as well as, taking their minds off of their present situation and pointing their attention and focus towards GOD.

Thimothy has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and is a Business Analyst at a major Information Technology company.  He is married to Evangelist Trineice McLeod.  Thimothy McLeod is a mentor, preacher, teacher, singer and song writer with published music.  His aim and passion is to help build the kingdom of GOD by supporting the ministry anyway needed.    


Youth Pastor Ruth McLeod

Pastor Ruth McLeod is the Youth Pastor at the Inspirational Church of God in Christ Jesus, Inc. overseeing the Youth Ministry.  She is the daughter of the founders of the organization, the late Archbishop Dr. Donnie McLeod, Sr. and First Lady Eldress Blanche McLeod, where she has been raised up in the gospel and was appointed as the youth program organizer.  Led by God, Senior Pastor and Archbishop Dr. Donnie McLeod, II appointed and ordained her as Youth Pastor in 2015.  Ruth McLeod is a teacher, preacher and mentor and has been in ministry for years working in various areas of the church.  She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Certificates in Accounting and Tax Preparation, in which, she uses the skills she has obtained to assist in church administration.  Ruth McLeod has served the community by volunteering to homeless shelters, nursing homes, community events, etc.  She has a great passion for seeing young people and all in Christ Jesus reach their God given potential.