Archbishop & First Lady McLeod

Archbishop Dr. Donniel McLeod, II

Archbishop Dr. Donniel McLeod II is the Senior Pastor of The Inspirational Church of God in Christ Jesus Inc. in Brooklyn, New York.  He and his wife, Pastor Simone McLeod, shepherd a growing flock of people of all ages, races, and nationalities, and have inspired a unity of saints from varying ethnic, socioeconomic and political backgrounds throughout the New York area.  He was ordained in 2001 by the late Archbishop Donnie McLeod, Sr.  Over the past 15 years of ministry, Archbishop McLeod II has resided on several Boards of organizing churches, Pastoral Fellowship and community organizations such as Open House of Deliverance for all People, The First Korean Church of Brooklyn, Brooklyn Aids Task Force, New York City Faith Based Community Coalition, McLeod Residential House of Hope, and Miracle Makers to name a few.

Dr. McLeod II is the CEO of The Inspirational Church of God in Christ Jesus Inc. a Faith based Non-for-Profit Organization that reaches out to the neighboring communities, providing food pantry service, nursing home ministries, men's shelter, counseling, workshops, volunteering and various fun raising events to help those in need in the neighborhoods and much more.  He has traveled throughout the United States teaching in the area of spiritual growth to the many congregations he has come to know and love. It is his desires to help people reach their highest spiritual and natural potential in the Body of Christ.


Archbishop McLeod II, the son of the late Archbishop Dr. Donnie McLeod, Sr. and First Lady Eldress Blanche McLeod, most respected ministers of the Gospel and the founders of The Inspirational Church of God in Christ Jesus Inc.  He achieved his Doctorate of Divinity from CICA International University & Seminary. Archbishop McLeod has also been appointed Ambassador to the United Nations and International Chaplain.  He credits his stability and innovative attributes to the resilient foundational teachings of his parents.

Throughout the years, Archbishop McLeod II has allowed God to use him for His will and purpose.  As a result, he has developed an empowering ministry of anointing and spiritual power that has reached many souls throughout the tri-state area.  His ministry of everyday living, spiritual healing, deliverance and restoration has blessed many.  Accordingly, the power of God has allowed many souls to be delivered, the sickness healed, emotional pain and bondages broken, the oppressed delivered, and hope restored through this anointed man of God.  Archbishop McLeod II also has a strong teaching anointing in the areas of independent living skills, stress management, and economic empowerment.  Many saints have been blessed after following the principles taught in his seminars.

Archbishop McLeod II has a prolific Apostolic and Prophetic message for the believers of Jesus Christ and leaders of all ages.  He is an anointed spiritual leader to present future Bishops, Pastors, Ministers and members, and he has unselfishly transmitted his anointing to those sent by God to learn from him.  Archbishop Dr. Donniel McLeod II brings individuals into the full awareness of God's will and purpose in their life, both spiritually and naturally, and in their ministry.



First Lady Simone McLeod

First Lady Pastor Simone McLeod has been involved in Christian ministry all of her adult life and has served alongside her husband, Archbishop Dr. Donniel McLeod, for more than 15 years. The ministry serves to build a people of power and Godly character through the whole counsel of God's Word, Prayer and the Holy Spirit to lead the nations and advance the Kingdom of God. 

First Lady McLeod is a supportive wife, mother of three children and a co-pastor of the Inspirational Church of God in Christ Jesus, Inc., NY. She possesses the rare ability to reach and stir her audiences as she works to complement her husband’s ministry. 

Pastor McLeod is an anointed and appointed vessel of God who has contributed to her Brooklyn community by feeding and providing support for homeless individuals and less fortunate families. The power of God within her is demonstrated as the atmosphere changes in her presence and the forces of darkness succumbs to accommodate the pure Word of God. Her teaching ministry is thorough, and inspirational, as she allows the Holy Spirit to use her. First Lady McLeod's ministry is compassionate, sincere and full of integrity. 

 As a certified Speech Language Pathologist, First Lady McLeod is an inspiration and mentor to women and children everywhere. She spends endless hours providing spiritual and natural therapy to individuals with special needs and to those who are in need of spiritual guidance. 

 As a result, First Lady McLeod is committed to helping women, children and families discover their purpose and reach their highest potential spiritually and naturally.

Pastor Simone McLeod boldly challenges all believers to find ways to be a blessing to their families and someone else, as their relationship with God continues to flourish.